As Architects, the mobility and urban’s responsibility falls on us, that’s why we use all the means we have available to contribute and apply our knowledge in order to improve and rebuild the city, as well as to change the self-construction culture in Mexico , that is, to take back control as professionals (Architects and Engineers) and give people a city with a true quality of life

We are an architecture studio that are interested and concerned about the development of the less privileged communities in the country and we are willing to work together with Civil Associations to support them on issues about our profession. Are you a Charity’s agent? Contact us HERE.

Part of the actions we have to help society is an internal program called “Local Employment”, which consists of staff employed labor living in the area where the project is located; it promotes employment and helps tenants of the place to have a positive impact.

Each project has the highest organization to take advantage of all resources and reduce pollutants by transporting personnel and material, we also ensure the origin of materials used in our buildings. 

CADICZA is a green company that cares about the deterioration of the planet and its resources, in our projects we implement objects and techniques that take advantage of the services of water, light, etc. This considerably lowers the price on receipts and helps the world..

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