Our projects in Commercial Premises are focused on the solution of spaces and the aesthetic and functional improvement of the premises to generate greater income.

Commercial Architecture is a specialty in CADICZA; in our portfolio are projects in the Food, Hospitality, Fashion and Beauty sector and public works (museums, urbanism, schools).

By implementing Marketing and Neurosales techniques in the design, we have managed to create sophisticated and visually attractive projects that have helped our customers to increase their sales and the influx of more people.

Remodelling of Commercial Premises

The remodeling of commercial premises is necessary not only for an aesthetic issue that is undoubtedly an important factor for the user, it is also a priority to adapt to the space and maximize the optimization so you can do your job efficiently and comfortably.

CADICZA has been in charge of projects in remodeling commercial premises specifically in restaurants, bars, beauty salons and clothing stores.