CADICZA, with the extensive experience of more than 18,000 square meters of Residential design, offers a quality of excellence in the design, planning and execution of its projects.

The style of our studio in single-family homes is a mixture of comfort, luxury and exclusivity for the high standard of living of our customers.

We offer eccentricities and details that make each house special and unique such as Entrance Hall, Garages for multiple cars, Spa, Saunas, Gyms, Indoor and Outdoor Pools, Rooms for social coexistence, Art Exhibitors, Terraces, Fountains, Wine Cellars, Canteens, Game rooms and more, which are some of the spaces most requested by our residential style customers.

The use of materials such as marble, glass, steel, wood, stone and other finishes results into a diaphanous and pure architectural composition, which provides a minimalist feeling.

CADICZA’s design homes are of high level and status; we always look for the comfort to each type of client, their different needs but always keeping the sophisticated taste.

Residential apartment

Luxury isn’t determined by square meter but by style; within our portfolio are residential apartment buildings.
In them, we have carried out structural reforms and interior design work, being the remodeling of departments a typical type of project in our study.

This gives us the experience to respond appropriately to the demands of today’s market and we have the ability to provide solutions to needs in design forms.

All this is complemented by our own line of fancy furniture, with this, we have the possibility to customize the smallest detail of your apartment or home.